Sunday, 13 March 2011

Faklava as Super Hero- THE CALL

The World needs help!!!!

Earthquake in Japan!

Revolutions in Arabic land,

Rassism in Europe...

so many troubles!!!

Angry people, angry Earth! The World needs Help!

I need to help! So my new job is being super hero, when the World needs me.
I love my friends! Take care guys!
I'm coming, justCALL ME!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Faklava the easy rider

Faki you can DRIVE my car !!!

When I was a baby I had to sit into baby chair in the car. Everybody loves when I'm travelling by car, because I don't fart so much while I'm concentrating on the road.
Daddy was the first teaching me to drive with a smaller car in Italy, Castelraimondo, I took him to the bus station to go back to work. But now Mrs Klára gave me the chance to drive her car. Now if I see You hitchhiking I will give you a lift...but first, I need a car...